Why choose Green Home and Office?

Peace of Mind

A professional cleaning service is more likely to be adhering to industry safety standards, maintaining professional licensing and modern equipment, as well as providing a consistent level of quality which in the end saves everyone time and money for everyone involved.

Cutting Edge Green Technology

At Green Home and Office, we happily will provide you with the MSDS data on our cleaning. We color-code our cleaning chemicals and tools to avoid cross contamination. We regularly use HEPA filters to capture particles of .3 microns or less, and we use recycled paper high-quality microfiber towels to reduce waste.

The Appearance of Clean is not Enough

If a floor is spotless to the naked eye, that may not be the whole story. A contaminated mop can leave the floor looking clean, but in reality the floor may be teeming with bacteria. Our green cleaning techniques and high quality equipment not only keep your floor looking flawless, they keep it healthy for your kids and family as well.

Supporting the Community

Locally owned and operated, we are dedicated to giving back to the communities in which we live and work. We support various charities, groups and organizations. Call us! Perhaps we can find a way to support one another.

Commitment to Sustainability

We exist to make the world a cleaner place in a healthier way. For us, cleaning responsibly is more than just a service; it’s a way of life.

Custom Services

Looking for concierge services or butler help for your house party? We can help. Contact us for details about our custom services.

200% Service Guarantee

We value our clients and provide only the best service available. If for any reason you find that you are not completely satisfied for any reason, contact us immediately and Green Home and Office will make it right–our 200% service guarantee!