Eco-Friendly Office Cleaning Services In Metro Washington D.C.

Do you own or manage an office building in Washington D.C., Northern Virginia or Southern Maryland and need top-of-the-line eco-friendly office cleaning services? Green Home and Office can help! Trusted by local businesses since 2005, Green Home and Office will keep your office or office building clean, healthy, and green.  Studies were made to determine what the most dangerous place in the office is. If you think you know the answer, think again. A floor may look spotless – but a contaminated mop that was used to remove soil on the floor will leave a moist breeding ground for bacteria. At Green Home and Office, we use green technology. This includes using HEPA filters, industrial vacuums, the highest quality microfiber on the market, color-coding our cleaning system to avoid cross-contamination, robotic vacuums, intricate communication systems.

Never Enough Time

There’s never enough time in the day so let a professional commercial cleaning service help relieve this burden on your shoulders, so as a business owner or manager, you can dedicate your time elsewhere. The act of hiring a professional crew to clean your business is a better way to save time and effort in comparison to instructing staff how to clean

Full Service Maintenance Contractor

Green Home and Office has access to many different supply products to give you extra protection against dirt, grime, food stains, and so on. With a custodial staff of 40 professionally certified technicians, we provide exceptional quality, cost effective, tailored-made maintenance programs. Our pricing standards are consistent with your specific business requirements.


  • air cuct cleaning
  • floor care
  • carpet cleaning
  • window cleaning
  • pressure washing
  • construction clean-up
  • complete line of sanitary supplies
  • lighting replacement
  • property management
  • clean rooms
  • LEED and Green cleaning
  • lights recycling program
  • ESD Certified

Maintenance Programs

  • daily basis
  • weekly basis
  • every 2 weeks
  • every 3 weeks
  • every 4 weeks
  • as-needed
  • one-time
  • on call 24 hours
  • emergency call outs


  • dispensers
  • restroom paper products & supplies
  • trash liners
  • recycling & waste receptacles
  • mats
  • ash ums
  • lights / ballasts
Pricing and Rate Determination

Our commercial cleaning pricing standards are consistent with your specific needs and are time-based. Factors that determine our pricing structure are factors such as the commercial square footage, frequency of service, and the degree and scope of cleaning required. Give us a call so we can make an on-site visit and provide you with free estimates.

Terms and Payment Info

No contracts. No hidden fees. No long term obligation. It’s this kind of combination of price and value that has helped us build a great reputation. And we are happy to provide FREE estimates. We require payment at time of service and we accept American Express, Master Card, VISA, or Check for your convenience.


For existing clients who have on-going, recurring service schedules, if it is necessary to cancel/skip any scheduled cleaning, we kindly request two business days advance notice. This affords us an opportunity to fill your reserved date/time with other business opportunities. Same day cancellations will be charged a $120 cancellation fee.

Liability, Bonding, Insurance

We provide certificates of insurance through our broker, outlining our levels of liability, workman’s compensation, and bond coverage.Our certificates of insurance are provided at time of schedule confirmations.